Cruise for Couple


Sunset River Cruise

Availability : 365 Days
While you are enjoying the cozy sunset and the breezy evening, a bunch of programs is designed to make you feel awesome. During the sailing, you will get to enjoy the classical Goan dance form, i.e. Dekhni and Fugdi. Fugdi is a traditional dance form performed by women during the famous festival Ganesh Chaturthi. Once the performance comes to their end, you are invited to the dance floor, which is taken over by DJ.
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Party Boat Cruise in Goa

Availability : 365 Days
During the trip, you will be provided with welcome drinks, snacks, chilled beers, soft drinks, and mineral water. Keeping in mind the purpose of this party boat Goa, the boat is accustomed with the dance floor to make your mood lighten and rejuvenating.

Houseboat Trip in Chapora River Goa

Availability : October - April
The houseboat is anchored in the middle of the Chapora river for night stay. Spend the time after satiating your stomach with delicious dishes in enjoying recreational activities with your family or friends or fellow travelers.

Overnight Houseboat Cruise Mandovi River

Availability : October - April
The houseboat contains a total of six luxuriously comfortable AC cabins, three each on the upper and lower deck of the houseboat. Book in advance to get the room of your choice. Once you do that, just sit back and enjoy the world of backwaters! Immerse yourself in the colors of the sun spray painting the horizon with orange, red and yellow hues and its sparkling light making trails in the backwaters of Mandovi river.

Dinner Cruise in Goa

3 Hours
Availability : October - April
Dinner Cruise in Goa has always ensured ‘one of a kind experiences. It hails with its charm when you start spending your time under the moonlight's silver touch. Dinner Cruise in Goa is amazing, and it is known to be an escape from the chaotic lifestyle. It is because of the river cruise, which provides you a serene touch of the Goan waters.