River Cruises


Sunset River Cruise

Availability : 365 Days
While you are enjoying the cozy sunset and the breezy evening, a bunch of programs is designed to make you feel awesome. During the sailing, you will get to enjoy the classical Goan dance form, i.e. Dekhni and Fugdi. Fugdi is a traditional dance form performed by women during the famous festival Ganesh Chaturthi. Once the performance comes to their end, you are invited to the dance floor, which is taken over by DJ.
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Boat Cruise Party in Goa

Availability : 365 Days
During the trip, you will be provided with welcome drinks, snacks, chilled beers, soft drinks, and mineral water. Keeping in mind the purpose of this party boat Goa, the boat is accustomed with the dance floor to make your mood lighten and rejuvenating.